Beaches Before Wheels

CSI#258CSI#258 celebrating summer – Feel free to interpret the Case File in any way that inspires you. [Entry 5]

combined with

White with Air Bubble [entry 8] WW1-July18-Air Bubble

Summer is here and thoughts once again return to trips out to the beach to enjoy the warm weather together.

UPDATE: this layout was chosen as a July Highlight by white with 1, thank you for your support, it means a lot to us.

WW1-July18-BBW-sneekPeekExcept, now my husband is in a wheelchair beaches are off the menu.  Created in memorium of Beaches Before Wheels (BBW).

WW1-July18-moodboardMy husbands favourite colour is blue, and he adores the bleached wood background of this layout which closely matches the White with colour Air Bubble highlighted with plenty of white and hints of pale sand.

From the White with…moodboard I have included stamped circles like the bunch of balloons, and open weaved cheesecloth like the cross over pattern of the ball of wool.


Print, script and woodgrain papers have been layered with white corrugated card to add interest and texture to the background and bring the focus to the two main images, the line of beach huts which angle to the journaling stripes, and the feature image in the Miszmasz circle flourish chipboard frame, finished with white embossing.

A cluster of beach themed veneer embellishments have been coloured with Lindys Creme Brulee and Azure Asters.  A loose weave white cheesecloth hints at fishermen nets.

Pale beach sand, glitter, art stones and seaglass elements nestle amongst the embellishment cluster to add texture and detail to the Ice Queen Ombre beads and complete the project.

Journaling reads:

Fond memories of beaches before wheels;
a peaceful place, walking hand in hand, sand between our toes, waves gently lapping, hunting for shells, BBW

Details from layout:

Stripes (woodgrain)
Beach/nautical elements (actual sand and beach veneer elements)
other animal (seahorse)
Circles (frame and stamped)
Embossing powder and sand
Elements from the Scene; shells, beach

Topic: Document a trip to the beach
Presentation: Add journaling to stripes on your paper

bright sky blue
navy blue (for text)
red with a hint of orange (look closely at the photograph of the beach huts to see the man in the red coat)
sand (actual sand used, plus the pale sandy brown of wood)

Thank you for looking
God bless

Mechanical Dreams

Designing for CraftBox using the Steampunk City skyboat cover page preview, lots of lace and an assortment of cogs.

mechanical-dreams-sneekPeekMechanical Dreams, find it, the world that never was

I identified a couple of Lindys starburst sprays that matched the blue and amber colour scheme of the papers, and used them to colour the canvas board background, adding a music score stamp, and later some splatters of white paint.

mechanical-dreams-mixed-media-boardAn assortment of cog sizes in paper, snipart, snipart MDF and metal were treated with the same Lindy’s starburst spray, and tucked under and around the the feature image, overlapping each other to create depth.

A tiny portion of lace shows on the mini page preview, inspiring me to use real lace to frame the image.

I have used glass cabochons; left clear, translucent, with steampunk gauges and over-painted in a variety of sizes around the project.

Snipart steampunk borders and pipes add some straight lines to the overall design taking hints from the feature image.  The project is finished with druzi stones and microbeads.

Details of the layout:


mechanical-dreams-detail3The finished depth of this project is around 9mm.

Thank you for looking
God bless you


Find it 8×8 card

Designing for CraftBox using the Steampunk City papers airship paper and cat atc and assorted steampunk inspired snipart elements and metal cogs.

Everything you can imagine in real, find it, the world that never was

find-it-8x8-card-sneekPeekThe 8 inch background paper was enhanced with script stamp and overlaid with a full 6 inch page, layered with airship postcard, and airship front cover miniature.
The large snipart cog was decorated with gold Fleur-de-lis inspired by the background paper design.
A snipart pipe and tap is finished with a small resin bulb, to which a little glitter was added to the mix whilst casting.
All the cogs were treated with Lindys starburst colours in blue, amber and copper, and a sprinkling of copper mica.

find-it-8x8-cardThe atc is finished with a compass charm, aligning the E east with the E of Everything in the quote.  A tassel in complimentary pale blue green finishes the card.
There is a lot of layering and depth on this card.

Details of the card:

Thank you for looking
God bless you

Dragonfly tag

Designing for CraftBox using the Steampunk City Dragonfly quote atc on a tag

dragonfly-tag-sneekPeekI identified a couple of Lindys starburst sprays that matched the blue and amber colour scheme of the papers, and used them to colour the canvas board tag background.  I tore some scraps of paper to add further interest and stamped with script.

dragonfly-tagAn assortment of cog sizes were treated with Lindy’s copper starburst spray are tucked under and around the the feature atc. A little more dimension was added to the wings, and some tangled gold thread highlights the clock face.
Another cog is converted to a clock by adding a small clock face cabochon.

Finally a dragonfly charm was added with chain to the tag hole.

Details of the tag:

Thank you for looking
God bless you

Beautiful A4 layout

Designing for CraftBox – A beautiful A4 layout using Steampunk City papers the seahorse page and assorted steampunk inspired snipart elements and metal cogs.

‘The beautiful is always bizarre’ atc features and inspires the layout, including some fussy cut pipes, and rub-on lace detail.

A bit of layering with papers from the collection and corrugated card inspired by the seahorse, assorted paper, snipart and metal cogs, enhanced with steampunk gauge and clock cabochons.

A little glitter was added to the mix whilst casting the little resin bulb, additional sprinkles of glitter was added to the finished layout to add sparkle. The MDF title was treated with copper embossing powder.

Details of the layout:

seahorseI would love to get some small pipes, cogs and corrugated product to make a miniature model of that dear little seahorse.

Thank you for looking
God bless you


We do at the beach

Created for More than words July 18 challenge: [entry17]

Jul18 MTW-challenge
Word Inspiration – BEACH
Creative Challenge – SEASHELLS

What does the word BEACH inspire you to create?

You can choose to use the actual word somewhere on your project or simply be inspired by it. Since words are an integral part of our challenges, we want to know how this month’s word stimulated your creative process, so please do explain in your blog post how it inspired you if it isn’t obvious in your work.

It’s time to get some sand between your toes and get inspired by the beach! To help make your creativity sea-worthy, we want you to add SEASHELLS on your project.

We do at the beach

When my sister proposed to her fiancee on the beach of a far off land, she wrote her reply in large letters the sand. ‘yes’. I created this layout to celebrate that moment, including real tiny seashells edged in golden gilding flakes.

Jul18-beachThe moment of inspiration came when I created the word ‘yes’ in sand and 3D gel medium on a MDF heart, copying the way she had written it at the time, using the round end of a paintbrush to engrave in the gel.  Other beach inspirations come in the form of the lighthouse clock glass cabochon, the white rough edge of the paper likened to the foam edge of a wave on the beach.  I have also included small sandy accents and maintained a sea blue, sandy brown and seashell white colour combination.

For the background I used a weather worn wood effect paper, to emulate the worn look of beach huts.  The shell style frame and resin key hole are only lightly treated with white gesso and colour.  A light coating of white gesso on the other wooden elements adds to the worn weathered beach feel.

Seashells from several snipart and MDF styles, and actual shells have been used with art stones throughout as embellishment, along with a few ombre pearls, opalescent mermaid heart gem and clear dew drops.

We do in detail:


Thank you for looking.

Debbie xx