Beautiful A4 layout

Designing for CraftBox – A beautiful A4 layout using Steampunk City papers the seahorse page and assorted steampunk inspired snipart elements and metal cogs.

‘The beautiful is always bizarre’ atc features and inspires the layout, including some fussy cut pipes, and rub-on lace detail.

A bit of layering with papers from the collection and corrugated card inspired by the seahorse, assorted paper, snipart and metal cogs, enhanced with steampunk gauge and clock cabochons.

A little glitter was added to the mix whilst casting the little resin bulb, additional sprinkles of glitter was added to the finished layout to add sparkle. The MDF title was treated with copper embossing powder.

Details of the layout:

seahorseI would love to get some small pipes, cogs and corrugated product to make a miniature model of that dear little seahorse.

Thank you for looking
God bless you


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