Mechanical Dreams

Designing for CraftBox using the Steampunk City skyboat cover page preview, lots of lace and an assortment of cogs.

mechanical-dreams-sneekPeekMechanical Dreams, find it, the world that never was

I identified a couple of Lindys starburst sprays that matched the blue and amber colour scheme of the papers, and used them to colour the canvas board background, adding a music score stamp, and later some splatters of white paint.

mechanical-dreams-mixed-media-boardAn assortment of cog sizes in paper, snipart, snipart MDF and metal were treated with the same Lindy’s starburst spray, and tucked under and around the the feature image, overlapping each other to create depth.

A tiny portion of lace shows on the mini page preview, inspiring me to use real lace to frame the image.

I have used glass cabochons; left clear, translucent, with steampunk gauges and over-painted in a variety of sizes around the project.

Snipart steampunk borders and pipes add some straight lines to the overall design taking hints from the feature image.  The project is finished with druzi stones and microbeads.

Details of the layout:


mechanical-dreams-detail3The finished depth of this project is around 9mm.

Thank you for looking
God bless you


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