Acetate background

I follow Finnabair, inspired by her techniques and quality products, I was lucky enough in 2017 to attend four of her workshops.  If you cant make it in person, you can still get tutored by this Mistress of Media onlineon-clear-acetate-SneekPeek

One of her recent Media Minutes tutorials was a mixed media design on acetate, which I have followed here.

on-clear-acetateI used a piece of recycled acetate packaging measuring just under 6×4 inches as the base for this layout, adding clear gloss gel through a stencil and sprinkling a tiny bitter of glitter to this base layer, finished with script washi tape.

The second layer is worked on the acetate base and has all the textures; created with metal filigree, recycled buttons, lace flowers, paper flowers, snipart swirls and fibre circlet or ‘happy nest’ for the third layer to sit on.

The third layer is assembled on a playing card sized rectangle to enhances the feature photograph, and has more paper flowers, a further metal filigree and more recycled buttons.  The tutorial used a playing card but I used one of my favourite ATC designs from the Lemoncraft vintage time cards.  Unfortunately the colouring step obliterated the delicate rose and feather edge design.  Neither should I have added vintage tea stain to the feature photograph.
The beauty of following these tutorials is that you can learn what works best for your style.

This layout uses lots of finishing touches such as glitter and art stones.  I especially liked the effect of letting the art stones stick to the fibre circlet.

I used a pink Lindys spray and paler pink starlight paint for the colours, inspired by the colours in the Lemoncraft Vintage Time paper.

on-clear-acetate-Side-viewThe finished piece has lots of depth and textural interest.
It is a technique I will try again.

Thank you for looking, let me know what you think.


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