Love – heart and soul

January 2019 Art Playground challenge
jan19 This month topic is WIND OF CHANGE. New year is a wonderful opportunity to have new decisions and change the things we always say we will but never finds the right timing. So… in that spirit we want to encourage you with our monthly tip – Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and seek for changes and development. We all have things to learn, fields to explore, new skills to develop…Try to make new decisions for your art as well!

Love – heart and soul

Created for the Art playground January challenge I moved out of my comfort zone to use more flowers, and work in pink, in a layered mixedmedia style to create this lovely little 7×7 inch greetings card.


I was inspired by the pink roses and heart in the challenge image, and the hint to mixedmedia with the spattering of colour.
I have added both a pearl and silver charm heart to the layout, the word ‘heart’ in the subtitle and ‘love’as the main title.

I have used 15 small to tiny paper blooms over a resin rose swag.  I have added 8 paper leaves and 9 sugar stamens to bring glitter and sparkle to the design, which is made of layered chipboard elements over a Lemoncraft ‘House of Roses’ paper, finished in tones of pink paint and glitter.

The tactile element comes from the soft downy white feathers.

I hope to make more small mixedmedia projects in the coming year.  Thank you for the challenge, thank you for looking.


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